Here's what one ELEA member said about "Creating an Effective Board"

"I just wanted you to know that the "Creating an Effective Board" webinar was very good. I thought it was worth the time and money. The speaker was knowledgeable. His PowerPoint was very helpful. Even though it wasn't specifically about a school board, the information was definitely worthwhile and will be easy to carry over. I got some good ideas that will be helpful particularly about doing an Orientation with a new board member and what information to make available to them. I would recommend this webinar and look forward to other topics offered by ALDE. I so appreciate them offering these opportunities to ELEA!" Director, Columbus, OH."

Webinars and Recordings


Professional Development Webinars and Book Studies

Book Study and Discussion:

  • Last Child in the Woods - Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. (6 videos, approx. 8.5 hrs, resources linked)

National Conference Workshop Recordings:

  • The Hidden in Plain Sight: Recognizing and Responding to Trauma (MIC, 1 hr)
  • Are You Leading or Managing? (MIC, 1hr 10 min)
  • The Welcoming Classroom: Best Practices for Non-Binary Students (MIC, 1 hr 10 min)
  • I Love My Job But It's Killing Me (Keynote MIC, 50min)
  • Understanding Church and School Ministries as One Entity (MIC, 1hr 2min)
  • Connecting Church and School Through Chapel Time (MIC, 1hr 2min)
  • The Magic of Building Meaningful Relationships (Keynote MIC, 52min)

ELEA Webinars

ELEA offers a variety of webinars and web-gatherings throughout the year covering a wide range of topics. ELEA members can register for webinars at no cost (price for non-members is $75), and web-gatherings will be available during the pandemic for all leaders, though typically are exclusively for members.

Webinars are often presented in collaboration with ELEA Strategic Partners and Featured Sponsors who bring their industry-specific expertise to the webinar series.

A collection of free and low-cost webinars are also available from our partnering organizations.


ALDE Webinars

Our friends at ALDE are extending a great offer to ELEA members. Any of their monthly webinars for the next year are available to ELEA members for just $25 per webinar (normally $75 for non-ALDE members).
Current ELEA membership will be verified.

Self-Study Resources


The Essence of Education Video Series

A three part video series featuring Dr. Shonta Smith who will guide a conversation about race and culture for these difficult times. For current ELEA members, the video series is available in Member Zone.


Centers for Wellness

ELCA Schools and Learning Centers who are current members of ELEA may utilize the Wellness Workbook to assist them in becoming a Center of Wellness. Non-ELEA members may purchase the Workbook for $100.00.
Contact us at if you are a non-member interested in the resource.
The full Workbook is available in our Members only section. View the video to learn more about what becoming a Center of Wellness can mean for your school or center.

Ministry of the Congregation

A Self Study of Ministry and Relationships For Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Schools and Early Childhood Center Programs. A Recognition Program administered by The Evangelical Lutheran Education Association of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Church and School Together in Ministry

Church and School: Together in Ministry

A self-study guide for congregations and educational centers operating TOGETHER IN MINISTRY to transform lives and change communities for the good.

  • Download the informational brochure.
  • Faith Formation Self Study Introduction PowerPoint & Faith Formation Self Study Workbook = $149.00.  ELEA Members can download for free in the MIC.

Creating and Improving your Board

Early Childhood Center Board Manual

Board Manual Appendix


Safe Havens - A Step-by-Step Guide

This resource is intended to guide your school, learning center and congregation as you create or renew your commitment to be a Safe Haven – a place where all are considered God’s children and are safe in every way to grow in faith and love and discover their gifts to serve and be served  in Jesus’ name. 
ELEA schools and learning centers are encouraged to use this resource to build and sustain trusted relationships and safe places and spaces for learning and care giving– and to develop guidelines in your ministry context for the prevention of abuse and harm of the children, youth  and the families we serve.
Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 11.47.40 AM

“Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action” study guide

A study guide is now available for the ELCA’s newest social statement, Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action. The guide features six flexible sessions that can be customized for in-person gatherings or virtual meetings. Each session incorporates prayers, videos, engaging activities, Scripture study and invitations to live out the call to gender justice in the world. As Lutherans, we are called to serve the neighbor and affirm the diversity of God’s creation. Grounded in faith and love, we work for a gender justice that flows from the heart of Lutheran theology and cultivates abundant life for all people. Download the study guide.

Our Lutheran School colleagues at LEA have produced 3 excellent YouTube presentations, and have offered to share them with us.

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