MAP Suite: An integrated assessment solution


The assessments in the MAP Suite give you a thorough picture of student learning: how much they’ve grown, what they’re ready to learn, and the specific skill gaps they need to master.

The MAP Suite measures exactly what’s needed to give you valuable data with maximum efficiency: no more and no less testing than required.

MAP® Growth™ interim assessments up to three times a year to get an accurate view of how much each student has grown over time and what students are ready to learn—so you can plan instruction and group students based on their specific needs.

Quickly assess your PK-5 readers with MAP® Reading Fluency™. Our innovative new way to evaluate early reading enables teachers to efficiently measure oral reading fluency, foundational skills, and reading comprehension – with one 20-minute assessment. Group testing and automatic scoring return valuable instructional time to teachers. 

Use the skills mastery and progress monitoring assessments in MAP® Skills™ as often as needed between MAP Growth assessments to drill down to the specific skill gaps each student needs to master. MAP Skills shows you the discrete skills that struggling students are missing and what advanced students are ready to take on—so you can personalize instruction in the moment and monitor student progress.