At a Glance

1300 ELCA Congregations

ELCA congregations sponsor weekday schools and/or early childhood education programs

140,000 Children Served

children served nationally by the 1300 schools and centers

17,000 Staff Members Employed

staff members employed by the 1300 schools and centers

Who Can Apply


Membership in ELEA is available to:

  • ELCA congregations that operate a school or ECE center.
  • Schools and centers supported by an association of congregations, with at least one associated with ELCA.
  • Current or former educators who endorse the purpose of ELEA.
  • ELCA full communion partner schools and ECE centers that don't receive education ministry support services from their church body.

Membership Fees


/ Year

Institutional Membership

Covers the entire church and school community.

/ Year

Individual Memberships

Individual members are not eligible to participate in employee benefits plans, and must NOT be employed at an ELCA or full communion partner school or center.
*Your membership may be paid monthly, quarterly or semi-annually by setting up automatic payments. 

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