Employee Benefits

For assistance please contact Monica Cordeiro, (800) 685-4519 or monica@nancybondinsurance.com

Open Enrollment for 2023 Benefits is now closed. New ELEA member schools and new hires can enroll anytime. Some types of new enrollment or changes may be allowed with qualifying events.

Here’s how to find your rates, review coverage, and apply:


STEP ONE: Review plan summaries with your staff, which include coverage information and rates:

STEP TWO: Send All Forms to your Employee Benefits Administrators at Nancy Bond Insurance Services. Email monica@nancybondinsurance.com or fax (626) 599-8575.

Form for Employer: Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Form for Employees to apply for insurance:
Insurance Application

STEP THREE: Nancy Bond Insurance Services will send proof of insurance per enrolled employee, with a spreadsheet showing the billing to anticipate for 2023.