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The ELEA Endowment fund exists to CONNECT, DEVELOP and INSPIRE member schools and learning centers of the ELCA for years to come. When you find yourself with abundance we pray you will join others to support the ELEA in perpetuity.

The ELEA Endowment Fund is held in the Ministry Growth Fund of the ELCA Foundation, a long-term, stable, and socially responsible endowment fund that provides distributions to grow ministry. The Foundation provides expertise, as well as resources, financial education, and investment services to help you joyfully answer the call to love and support Lutheran Education.

ELCA Foundation gift planning services are made available to individuals and congregations without obligation. The ELCA Foundation serves both donors and ELCA ministries.

When making your gift, we encourage you to create a plan that matches your interests and financial circumstances. ELCA Foundation Gift Planners are available to work with you to facilitate a charitable gift that benefits our endowment fund, fits your financial situation and provides you with maximum tax benefits.

About Our Endowment

In 2021, supporters and friends of the ELEA created the ELEA Endowment to help enhance our mission and give back to our schools and learning centers.

Endowment donors envision the growth of Lutheran Education for generations to come.


  • Cherlyne Beck
  • Chris Comella
  • Cory Newman
  • Dave Bonar
  • ELEA Region 3
  • Gayle Denny
  • George Pollock
  • Melanie Bicket
  • Patricia Garrett
  • ELEA Region 1

The Impact of Your Gift

The ELEA Endowment provides our members with funding not possible through our annual budget. The three areas of support are:

  • Faith Formation growth and/or implementation grant;
  • ELEA Conference and Event Scholarship;
  • Innovative Learning grants that meet the changing needs of children.

Why Give?

All gifts, whatever the size, help grow the mission of the ELEA and are appreciated. It’s also true that the endowment funds grow more quickly with additional gifts than by investment return. There are many ways to give to the ELEA Endowment, and each offers you maximum tax benefits based on when and how assets are given.

A farmer went out to sow his seed ... some fell in good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown. Luke 5:5-8

Patt Garrett

I give to the ELEA because I feel we need to provide training, support, and many blessings for our organization and all who provide this ministry for our children/students and their families. It’s been awesome for me living in this town to hear from former staff, students, and parents how much our small school meant to them and the BEST part is finding out that our former students are now sending their children to TLPS. We continue to “praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

Pat Garrett, retired founder and Director of Trinity Lutheran Preschool, Enumclaw, WA. ELEA Donald A. Vetter, a lifetime of service, award recipient, and philanthropist.

Ways to Give

Give Now

Giving Options

  • Make an immediate, outright charitable gift
  • Cash
  • Publicly traded securities
  • Closely held stock

For People Who

  • Want to provide charitable support now
  • May want to give anonymously
  • Seek an immediate charitable deduction

Give Later

Giving Options

  • Keep control of use of assets while living and make a charitable gift upon death
  • Living will or bequest
  • Beneficiary proceeds such as retirement assets or annuities
  • Life insurance
  • Life estate reserved

For People Who

  • Want to leave a legacy by giving
  • Wish to retain control of their assets while living
  • Wish to make a larger gift upon death
  • Help heirs avoid estate taxes on assets given

Give & Receive

Giving Options

  • Make a charitable gift and receive ongoing income payments for life or a term of years. The remainder provides charitable support.
  • Charitable gift annuity
  • Charitable remainder annuity trust

For People Who

  • Want to leave a legacy by giving
  • Own appreciated assets
  • Seek an additional source of income
  • Seek an immediate charitable deduction for a portion of the gift’s value

How to Give

Individuals/families can create their own donor-advised fund to benefit our Endowment Fund. Want to learn more about giving to the ELEA Endowment Fund? Please contact the ELEA at info@elcaschools.org or 800-500-7644, or contact the ELCA Foundation at 773-380-2970.

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