IMPORTANT New Updates to ELEA's Accreditation Program


ELEA has experienced a rich history of providing accreditation services to its member elementary schools for many decades, and to its early childhood education programs since 2007. We have been blessed as an organization, as have those schools and centers who have participated, to have had dedicated, well trained and gracious volunteers to serve on the Accreditation Site Visit teams which are the heart of the program. We have found that we are not able to secure such volunteers in the numbers and capacities needed, and are therefore suspended the initiation of site visits for an undetermined period as of July 1, 2018.
If you are currently accredited by ELEA, nothing will change for the remainder of your accreditation term - you will still file an annual report and pay the $100 annual report review fee and your accreditation will remain valid. However, if you are soon due for re-accreditation, we will work with you to determine the best course of action.
A list of possible alternate accrediting agencies is available HERE and our Executive Director, Cory Newman will be happy to assist in helping you make a decision on an accrediting body based on your school or center's needs. You may contact Gayle Denny at or 800-500-7644 ext. 1. We have also established Suggested Criteria for Selecting an Accrediting Agency which you will want to read and hopefully will find helpful.
For a list of schools and centers currently accredited by ELEA, please contact us at 800-500-7644 or email