Connect, Develop and Inspire.

Our Mission

ELEA provides Lutheran education leaders with a community through communication, professional development, faith formation, and professional resources.

Our Vision

Every ELCA center or school will provide high-quality instruction and grace-filled care that creates a nurturing Christian community for learning and faith

ELEA Promise

As an ELCA ministry, the ELEA provides exceptional services and support to faith-based schools and centers.

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The national-level governance of the organization is led by a Board of Directors that includes seven voting members and advisors. The Board members come from diverse backgrounds and represent different types of programs and areas of the country, providing a wide range of perspectives to the association's leadership. The Board members, staff, and Executive Director meet online or in person each month. 

The Regional Outreach Teams play a significant role in developing awareness and support by connecting with schools, centers, Synod staff, and other leaders within their regions. They use various means of communication and organize events to accomplish their goals. 

To meet the ever-changing and increasing needs of ELEA members, the organization offers a range of member benefit programs such as consulting services, professional development programs, employee benefits plans, annual conferences, and other resources. These programs are designed to provide support to members in various areas.

The Future...

ELEA has remained a stable association throughout decades of change in leadership and structure and looks to the future with a vision for strengthening newly utilized Ambassadors and Connectors, providing more opportunities for training and conferencing, and increased services, connections, and advocacy for members.

Benefits and Services

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Employee Benefits

The ELEA Employee Benefits Plan is open to schools and centers that are members of ELEA. The plan offers an "unbundled" group plan, which includes Disability and Life Insurance, Vision and Dental, and Student Accident Insurance for eligible employees. The administration of the Employee Benefits Plans is handled by Nancy Bond Insurance Services located at 201 West Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA. You may contact them at 866-899-8559. Nancy Bond Insurance Services donates a percentage of all proceeds from these programs to ELEA.

Resource Materials and Discounts

ELCA curates and maintains digital resources that are available on our webpage or through the Member Information Center (MIC). Printed resources in bulk are available by request by calling 800-500-7644 or email To see a full listing of discounts offered by our strategic partners check out our resource page.


Consultation and Coaching Serivces

Administrators and rostered leaders of all member schools and centers receive services and support in a variety of ways to help boost their skills and connectedness, particularly in the church/school relationship.  Consultation services are availabe to members by contacting Cory Newman, ELEA Executive Director at  The ELCA Coaching Network offers ELEA members discounted coaching packages to support ELEA schools and centers.

Testing Programs

ELEA is proud to be a partner with Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) and offer MAP - Measures of Academic Progress and soon CPAA - Children's Progress Academic Assessment as state-of-the-art benchmark assessment programs.

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Annual Fund Drive

The Annual Fund drive is a fundraising campaign aimed at benefiting the organization and all its members. This drive also provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the organization and the services it offers to its members. Your generous donation will enable us to expand our reach locally, regionally and nationally, and connect, develop and inspire the entire community of ELCA Schools and Learning Centers.

In alignment with the ELCA social policy resolution, we are grounded in the scriptural truth that we are all created good and in the image of God; the ELEA stands alongside the ELCA’s commitment to “speak with one voice against racism, and white supremacy and privilege.” As a Christian community, specifically engaged in education and moral awareness, we task ourselves to provide safe environments that oppose racism and actively teach appreciation for diverse peoples in an inequitable world.

Furthermore, ELEA’s administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to: practice anti-bias education; show love; teach tolerance; model acceptance on a daily basis; set the goal for each child to possess positive self-identity and family pride; express comfort and joy with human diversity; and, embody the will and the skills to act against injustice and prejudice.