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Connect, Develop and Inspire.

The ELEA Board is called to fulfill its Mission Statement, which is:

ELEA, a recognized ministry of the ELCA, serves as advocates for Christ-centered weekday school and early education programs.


And strive towards its Vision Statement, which is:

Deeply committed to its mission, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association gathers weekday schools and early childhood education programs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and its ecumenical companions into a collaborative community of educational excellence and effective advocacy for these vital partners in the Gospel.


We look to our future and our Promise Statement is:

As an ELCA ministry, the ELEA provides exceptional services and support to faith-based schools and centers.



The organization is governed at the national level by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 voting members and 2 advisors. Board members represent different types of programs, areas of the country, and backgrounds bringing a diverse perspective to the association’s leadership. Board members, staff and the Executive Director meet monthly in person or by teleconference.

The Regional Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for leadership, with Ambassadors connecting with schools and centers, as well as Synods and other leaders within their Regions. In addition, we have ‘synod connectors’ who provide a very important role of communicating with the regional ambassador the challenges and success of the schools and centers in each synod.

Member benefit programs such as self-study programs, employee benefits plans, annual national pastor and administrator conferences, and other services continue to expand and grow to meet the ever-changing and increasing needs of ELEA's members.

Our History:

The Future. . .

 ELEA has remained a stable association throughout decades of change in leadership and structure and looks to the future with a vision for strengthening newly utilized Ambassadors and Connectors, providing more opportunities for training and conferencing, and increased services, connections, and advocacy for members.

Benefits and Services

Employee Benefits

The ELEA Employee Benefits Plan offers group plans for schools and centers (individual ELEA members may not participate) and their eligible employees, in an "unbundled" plan. It includes Disability and Life Insurance, Vision and Dental, and Student Accident Insurance. The Employee Benefits Plans are administered by Nancy Bond Insurance Services, 201 West Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016. Phone: 866-899-8559. A percentage of all proceeds from these programs are donated by Nancy Bond Insurance Services to ELEA.

Resource Materials and Discounts

ELCA maintains printed resources that are available through the ELEA national office—800-500-7644 or email at Many free downloadable resources are also available on this website. Log in to the Member Information Center to see a full listing of discounts offered by our strategic partners.

Administrator, Principal and Rostered Leader Resources and Support

Administrators and rostered leaders of all member schools and centers receive services and support in a variety of ways to help boost their skills and connectedness, particularly in the church/school relationship.

Testing Programs

ELEA is proud to be a partner with Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) and offer MAP - Measures of Academic Progress and soon CPAA - Children's Progress Academic Assessment as state-of-the-art benchmark assessment programs.

Annual Fund Drive

The Annual Fund drive raises money to benefit the organization and all its members. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the organization and the services it provides to members. Your donation allows us to reach out locally, regionally and nationally to the full community of ELCA Schools and Learning Centers to connect, develop and inspire.

ELEA Social Statement Adopted on October 8, 2020

In alignment with the ELCA social policy resolution, we are grounded in the scriptural truth that we are all created good and in the image of God; the ELEA stands alongside the ELCA’s commitment to “speak with one voice against racism, and white supremacy and privilege.”  As a Christian community, specifically engaged in education and moral awareness, we task ourselves to provide safe environments that oppose racism and actively teach appreciation for diverse peoples in an inequitable world.  

Furthermore, ELEA’s administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to: practice anti-bias education; show love; teach tolerance; model acceptance on a daily basis; set the goal for each child to possess positive self-identity and family pride; express comfort and joy with human diversity; and, embody the will and the skills to act against injustice and prejudice. 

ELEA's Position Statement on Common Core Standards

Statement on the Common Core Learning Standards by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

(ELCA) Schools and Centers

Introduction: Schools and centers of the ELCA have a rich heritage and long standing commitment to academic excellence and spiritual formation rooted in their Christ-centered missions as they nurture the whole child.

  • The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) may serve as another tool that enhances curriculum development. The rigor of the CCLS is connected with the overall instructional process provided by Lutheran school educators.
  • The many elements of curriculum will continue to be determined by individual Lutheran schools of the ELCA, working to meet the needs of their students, and may include incorporating the CCLS.
  • The CCLS may serve to assist Lutheran schools of the ELCA in guiding ways that instruction takes place while allowing schools to develop their own curriculum content.
  • Lutheran schools of the ELCA are empowered to design and direct the integration of the CCLS within curriculum that ensures the highest quality of academic preparation for students.
  • Lutheran schools of the ELCA are committed to infuse their integrated curriculum with the faith, values, vision, and mission that are inherent in the unique identity they possess.

Summary: A Lutheran school of the ELCA provides a rigorous academic curriculum that integrates Christian studies, faith formation, and values. As professionals, Lutheran school administrators and teachers continually seek to achieve best practices instructional methods. Lutheran schools of the ELCA will determine independently the standards that will ensure achievement. Lutheran schools will provide a solid Christian education developed with standards that drive instruction so that every child can be reached with effective education.

The ELCA's Declaration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to American Indian and Alaska Native People